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Amblethwaite ‘Appenings
Lancashire Dialect

"I love these monologues -
it's great to see another collection"
Peter Kay

Written by
Gary Hogg

Performed in Lancashire Dialect
with Piano & Brass Band Accompaniment by
Bernard Wrigley

1. Father Tralee And The Infernal Flame
2. Walter West And His Denture Adventure
3.The Warburtons' Disappearing Waistcoat
4. When You've Had Your Chips
5.The Night Dan Joblin Proposed
6.The Lion The Witch And The Warburtons
7. Don't Go Changing
8. The Pontificatin' Chauffeur
9. When Cyril Waggot Dropped Dead
For The First Time
10. Jacky The Night Watchman's Dog
11. An Elephant's Foot For The Hall
12. A Lesson For Mr Carson The Parson
13. Uriah Uses His Loaf
14. Jim And Maud's Separate Lives

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