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Geordie Sayings

(Extracts from The
Fairly Truthful Guide to Geordie)

Chaalkin’ on the bleezer
Not speaking to each other

Gettin’ off at Manors
Not finishing the job – Method of birth control

Huw’s it hingin’?
How’s life treating you?

I’d rather not

You don’t have to

Are you going?

Would you like to come with us?

He’s a reet heed-the-baall
He’s mad as a hatter

S’narf snaa’n
It is snowing heavily

(There's loads more in the book!)

The Fairly Truthful
Guide to Geordie Book

188 Pages!


Map of Geordieland, What is a Geordie? Cartoons,  History of the Geordie Language, Pronunciation, Quick Guide, Geordie Casablanca, Toon and Wear Rivalry, What is Hitchy Dabbas?, Classic Geordie Humour, Geordie Sayings,Modern Geordie Terms,    Extreme Geordie, Ten Commandments, Geordie Jokes, Famous Geordies, Constitutional Amendments, Geordie Quiz, Geordie Rhyming Slang, Tyneside Firsts, Big Things, Norwegian Geordie, Medical Terms, Recipes, Old Tyneside Songs, Adopted Geordies, Geordie Phobias, Glossary and lots more facts and figures (Quite a few of them are true!)

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“Not just funny but surprisingly informative. A very good read”
John Woodvine

“Excellent. Honest. If I thought it was shite I would’ve kept quiet”
Billy Fane

I won’t lie to you, I’m Welsh.
“It made me laugh”
Rob Brydon

“Aa’ve Never even read it me like”

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