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Fairly Truthful Tales

Contents of book one:

The Flight Of Oscar’s Undies
The Bartholomew Family Photograph
The Day That Tim Sykes Packed In Talking
The Angel Down The Allotment
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way From The Crem
The Mystery Of The Boating Lake Mermaid
Dead Men Don’t Wear Herringbone
Edie’s Last Ride
When You’ve Had Your Chips
A Job Well Done
The Secret Life Of Walter’s Mittens
A Pale Brew Yonder
It’s No Life Being Dead
Much Ado About Tadpoles
Saving For A Rainy Day
Where Seagulls Dare
If In Doubt Say Nowt
The Things In Granda’s Loft
Go On Benny, Brag About That!
Thank Heaven For Little Gulls
Amazing Gracie
The Night We Comforted Algernon Pratt
Hey There, Geordie Gull!
The Great Amblethwaite Cap Mystery
Don’t Go Changing
The Graveyard Shift
The Fire In Nan’s Front Room
The Wild Look In Gladys’ Eyes
The Answer Lies In The Soil
Cissie Stobbs And The Census Man
Owt For A Duck?
Deaf Wish
Norman’s Bull
The Ninth Hole
He Was Always Dead Clever, Me Dad
The Plodgeborough And District Volunteer Fire Brigade
Twelve Days
Joey Ruddick’s Bad Foot
The Bethlehem Charabanc Trip

Bill Maynard Fairly Truthful Tales

As performed on BBC Radio by
Bill Maynard and Bernard Wrigley

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