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The Geordie Hour

The Geordie Hour on Radio Tyneside

Radio Tyneside’s Geordie Hour is a long-running radio show dedicated to the talents of musicians, writers, bands and entertainers from the North East of England. Past and present. Presented by Gary Hogg, The Geordie Hour goes out on Radio Tyneside 93.6FM and online worldwide.

We play all types of music as long as it's suitable for people listening on the wards and a Sunday afternoon audience!

Pop, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Country, Choirs, Traditional, Classical, Brass, 20s, 30s Swing, Rockabilly, Americana, Bluegrass - all of which we have in abundance here in the North East!

We always want to hear from local singers and musicians who can provide us with good quality recordings to play on the show. Originals or covers. Please get in touch Gary@thegeordiehour.co.uk

We are delighted to be part of one of the top hospital radio stations in the country at Radio Tyneside.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. There are now a few shows in the North East promoting local talent which can only be a good thing. Let’s see how long they last and if they win any awards.  

Gold Award Winner 2020
Specialist Music Programme

Gold Award Winner 2018
Specialist Music Programme

Gold Award Winner 2017
Specialist Music Programme

Gold Award Winner 2016
Specialist Music Programme

Gold Award Winner 2016
Best Speech Package

Gold Award Winner 2016
Best Station Promo

Gold Award Winner 2015
Specialist Music Programme

Gold Award Winner 2015
Best Speech Package

Gold Award Winner 2014
Specialist Music Programme

Silver Award Winner 2013
Specialist Music Programme

The Geordie Hour Winner of Gold and Silver HBA awards

After eight years of broadcasting, Radio Tyneside’s Geordie Hour has now won TEN National Hospital Radio Awards!  

The 2020 awards dinner was cancelled for obvious reasons but in a virtual awards ceremony presented by Alan Dedicoat The Geordie Hour won the top award again.

We missed the 2019 awards due to ill health.

In 2018 the awards ceremony was held in Windsor  and the Geordie Hour won Gold in the ‘Best Specialist Music’ category.

In 2017 the awards ceremony was held in Bolton. Gary and Karis couldn’t make it on the night but did a live show from the Radio Tyneside studios and linked up with the team in Bolton and gave live updates. We were delighted that Radio Tyneside won 5 awards including ‘Station of the Year’ AND the Geordie Hour won Gold in the ‘Specialist Music’ category.

In 2016  the awards ceremony was held at The Hilton  in  Watford. The Geordie Hour won Gold in the Specialist Music category. We also won Gold in the Best Speech Package category for  our comedy drama ‘Dr Kinlay’s Facebook’ The Station promo which we put together (and sang on!) For Radio Tyneside also won a Gold award.

In 2015  the event was held in our hometown and we came away with a Gold award for the Geordie Hour and a Gold award for our Fairly Truthful Guide to Geordie documentary.

The Judges said:
"Great presentation style and content. Outstanding. Local radio could learn a lot from this show. Wonderful idea, executed with warmth and humour. Entertaining, engaging, and a joy to listen to."

The previous year at Bristol we won GOLD in the Specialist Music Programme category. Recognising the dedication to and in-depth knowledge of specialist music programming.’

"This entry is a great concept for a show, wonderfully local to Tyneside, a presenter with a great personality, constantly amusing and engaging. Brilliant!"

In  2013, Karis and Gary braved the snow and blizzards, travelled down to the Hilton in Blackpool and met up with the rest of the Radio Tyneside gang. We were delighted to win THREE awards between us!  The Geordie Hour won the Silver in the specialist music category.

The Judges said:
"Creative and original, with a relaxed, friendly and welcoming style to the presentation. Local and informative too."

The Fairly Truthful
Guide to Geordie

This is a documentary based on Gary’s book of the same name. A lot of research went into writing the book but just as much work went into editing it down and making it into a radio programme. Radio Tyneside entered us for the Best Speech Package category at the National Hospital Broadcasting Awards 2015. And we won Gold!

The Judges said:
"This is simple radio, but beautifully done. Excellently told and good use of sound effects. Outstanding. Very impressive editing, soundscaping and humour. Loved the knowledge, and particularly liked the subversion of Casablanca. Brilliantly executed."

Dr Kinlay’s Facebook

This is a comedy drama written by Gary & Karis and performed by them and a lot of the guests and contributors we’ve had on the show during the year. It was a lot of fun getting people to record the odd line or two. For instance, our Geordie Hour Live compere Dave Normanton provided the voice for Long John Silver. BBC Musician of the Year Tom McConville played the part of Hoo Man You  the Chinese takeaway owner. Lucy Falkenau from Geordie Hour favourites The Attic Band played the part of a nurse.

Radio Tyneside entered us for the Best Speech Package category at the National Hospital Broadcasting Awards 2016. And we won Gold!

"The judges felt this raised a smile, indeed more than a smile, it made them laugh out loud. Comedy can be difficult – comedy in hospital even more so but this entry hit the spot. A very entertaining, well thought out, production."

Radio Tyneside's HBA awards 2016

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